About Us

As a Moroccan, I have always been fascinated by the youthful skin and beautiful hair of older Moroccan women who harvest authentic Argan oil. When I finally asked them about their secret, they revealed that it was indeed Argan oil. Determined to share this beauty secret, I created my first anti-aging clean formula using pure Argan oil, which proved to be the most nourishing formula I had ever used for my skin. With a mission in mind, I set out to bring 100% pure Argan oil and ultra-nourishing formulas to America, ensuring that everyone could experience beautiful, happy skin from head to toe.


Allow me to introduce Kenza Beauty, a 100% organic skincare line. The word "Kenza" means 'treasure' in Arabic, and our luxury collection of products is created, sourced, and manufactured in the heart of Morocco. Our aim is to share our natural beauty treasures with the world, including our nourishing prickly pear seeds and the purest, organic Argan oil. Derived from the kernels of the Argan tree, this versatile oil serves as a comprehensive treatment for hair, nails, and skin, and is a prominent ingredient in many of our products.


At Kenza Beauty, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the best possible organic skincare products, helping our customers achieve glowing and radiant skin at all times. Our goal is to become the leading organic skincare company, offering all the natural beauty treasures necessary for your skin.